PENNY BROKEN ALL GAME 💣New Gadget is OP! Brawl Stars Funny Moments & Fails

Penny Brawler New 2nd Gadget: CAPTAIN'S COMPASS
Brawl Stars 2020 Summer of Monsters Funny Moments, Wins, Fails, Glitch
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1) Odd Chap
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38 Комментарии
  1. RO #BrawlStars Говорит

    🍀 Submit your BS clips:
    * Please don’t Shake screen!
    👉 RO Gaming:
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    1. Doruk Demir Говорит

      Im to love your videos

    2. SebastianPro YT Говорит


    3. Ali Rıza Şahin Говорит

      @Człowiek what? I didn’t understand

    4. sans gs Говорит

      @Ali Rıza Şahin Nope is one star power of penny

    5. sans gs Говорит

      how I can’t give you some clip of brawl stars

  2. Blu Говорит

    9:05 this was supposed to be a good clip?

  3. Patryk S Говорит

    55 I can fly in from crow

    1. HAKAN BİLDİK Говорит


    2. L1riz Говорит

      Ты русский!

    3. CZSaR Говорит
    4. Kddar Ritaj Говорит


  4. Brawl Stars Radio Говорит

    I love this new gadget! Penny was fun before but now she feels complete!

  5. Arbeat Говорит

    2:28 ban this guys name

    1. enderworld _06 Говорит

      Uhh why we have to ban him

    2. Arati Tudu Mandi Говорит

      Why don’t you understand his problem? 😂😂

    3. Tomato The Jemineye Говорит

      We can’t get banned for your name.

    4. Potato God Говорит

      Ive seen a dude with the full n word in his name.

    5. RafDoesStuff Говорит


  6. Dilan 123 Говорит

    0:19 crow wins

  7. xUltra Говорит

    4:49 hehe imma catch you
    Eagles Are you sure about that

  8. Cássio Говорит

    Man in Brazil i love your vídeos :3

    1. Games With Fun Говорит

      I am indian🇮🇳🤗♥️

  9. pro molnia Говорит

    У кого есть
    буква А в
    имени читайте.
    Я снимаю бравл мне хочется добить 20 подписчиков новые видосы каждый день 🙂

  10. TheProBro SpaceMan Говорит

    At the start of the vid : bruh moment

  11. Shree .Jasti Говорит

    8:02 why do u do that. Edit 1 : i put the comment to ask y do u ask for player id when u cant do anything,did u get it right?

    1. tanish singh Говорит
  12. Master Gaming Borojevic Говорит

    Perfect music i like you videos and my favorit brawler is El primo

  13. Not odion 45 Говорит

    Favorite brawler is shelly my french🤣

  14. Yasin Ornau Говорит

    Kommt auf brawl Stars in meinen club: smart_players wir machen bald skincontest

  15. Jakub Řežábek Говорит

    3:18 player:I am the best i saved the game.
    me: Oh yeah hello there!!!

    1. Zoobia Awan Говорит

      Perfect timing the clip showed up when I looked at your comment

  16. Shanta Yadav Говорит

    10:12, 😍😍yayy!!! It’s me…..

    1. Luan Fogazza Говорит


  17. Alan Zajac Говорит

    My name is Alan in brawl stars (:


  18. 박윤정 Говорит

    0:11 enemy think start but it is end

  19. Ayush Raj Говорит

    3:11 what

  20. SUB TO HAMUTZI sub and like Говорит

    2:11it’s my

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