Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgax Attacks — Albedo vs Ben Tennyson [1080p]

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This video shows the battle of Albedo and Ben Tennyson in Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgax Attacks based on tv series of the same name in 1080p HD with no commentary. This game was released on Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2 (PS2), PlayStation Portable (PSP) and Nintendo DS (NDS).
All playable aliens: Humungousaur, Big Chill, Swampfire, Cannonbolt, Goop, Brainstorm, Echo Echo, Chromastone, Jetray and Spidermonkey.
Ben 10: Alien Force – Vilgax Attacks is the third game in the Ben 10 video game series, and the second game to be based on the Ben 10: Alien Force series. The second game was based on the first two seasons of series; while Vilgax Attacks is based on the third and final season of the series. It was released on October 27, 2009.

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The story starts as Vilgax invades Bellwood with a gigantic Null Void Projector, releasing hundreds of Null Void prisoners into the city. Ben attempts to transform into Alien X, but Professor Paradox stops him, stating that now is not the right time to use Alien X. Instead, they split up to tackle the invasion. Ben fights his way to Psyphon (who's coordinating the attack from ground level), but when Ben defeats Psyphon, he brings to life a Mr. Smoothy sign as a distraction. Ben defeats Mr. Smoothy by quickly hitting it with every alien in his arsenal, except for Cannonbolt and Alien X, and in the process puts the Omnitrix into reboot mode and locks out most of his arsenal. Azmuth appears on Ben's shoulder and examines the Omnitrix, saying that it needs to recharge before Ben can access all aliens again. To make matters worse, Professor Paradox informs the the team that Vilgax has successfully taken over Earth, so he sends them back far enough in time to destroy every power source for his Null Void Projector possible in the whole galaxy, stating that the first is being recycled from the toxic radioactive waste of Vulpin: Wildmutt's home planet, however only Spidermonkey, Big Chill, Humungousaur, Swampfire, and Cannonbolt are available.
Arriving on Vulpin, Ben orders Gwen, Kevin, and Ship to stay put, because if Vilgax arrives, it will take all of them combined to hold him off. Ben fights his way throughout the refinery, going through Vilgax's bioids, the local Vulpimancer, and a giant two-headed snake. Ben then finds the Vreedle Brothers (Darkstar replaces the Vreedle Brothers in the DS version) and manages to defeat them. Then, Ben finds a holographic message from Max, stating that the one Ben destroyed isn't the only one, and responds that he's currently on his way to Terradino: Humungousaur's home planet, to destroy the energy core there. Goop is then unlocked.
Arriving on Terradino, they find another message from Max, stating that the energy core is located in the nearby temple and that Vilgax's forces are all ready there. Ben once again orders his companions to stay and hold off Vilgax if he shows up. Traveling through the temple, Ben solves complex building sized puzzles and fights off not only Vilgax's droids, but also Charmcaster's rock monsters. Ben confronts Charmcaster inside the temple and despite Charmcaster using the temple's complex defenses to her advantage, Ben is ultimately the victor. Ben successfully destroys the energy core, thus destroying the temple. The trio then finds another message from Max, stating that the next energy core is on Encephalonus IV: Brainstorm's home planet, and that one of Ben's old enemies is there, but due to a glitchy transmission could not specify which one. Brainstorm is then unlocked…

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  1. Platform Gems Говорит

    What’s up everybody! Have you played Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgax Attacks? Let me know by leaving a comment below.
    *Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks* ►

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  2. Hypershadic23 Говорит

    Albedo: Is it my fault that I’m stuck looking like you? Oh wait…it is.
    Ben: Was…was that supposed to be an insult or…?

    1. Au Va Говорит


    2. Junaki Begum Говорит

      Ride a bike
      I was thinking that

    3. Alexandro Gamer Говорит


    4. Ride a bike Говорит

      He basically insulted himself tho

    5. Tobi Da Boss Говорит

      Hypershadic23 😂🤣Albedo should came up with a better insult than that. Or if that was suppose to be an insult.

  3. N Durrani Говорит

    0:37 what is goop saying

  4. Electrozz N Говорит

    I remember just going behind one of the computers and Ben 10 red got stuck in there and then I just beat him easily

  5. Adventurous Boy Говорит

    Humungasour Looks So Cool With red Eyes 3:02

  6. punchparty 400 Говорит

    I remember this fight it was a pain and I remember for some reason that I got perfume in my eyes some how

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    2. ssjpower 222 Говорит

      Oddly specific

    3. pain master Говорит


    4. Prinny Dude Говорит

      Ok then

  7. Gaming Goof Говорит

    They could afford a Ben palette swap but not palette swaps of the aliens, come on

    1. Gaming Goof Говорит

      doobie david you’re new to this aren’t you? Palette swap means in a gams, where you take the exact same character models, like Ben and then recolor him to look like Albedo, hence palette (paint/ colors). They put in the time to change the Ben model color scheme but not his aliens, like a red goop

    2. doobie david Говорит

      Wait what do you mean by Palette swap?

    3. George Jakob Говорит

      @Gaming Goof Really? I thought the only difference was the omnitrix colour on thair chests.

    4. Gaming Goof Говорит

      RA Productions it’s kind of lore breaking is all

    5. George Jakob Говорит

      There was no need for that .

  8. FireBass Говорит

    Dude I did not even pass level 3 there are those platforms in trerdino(don’t know spelling) when you step it kills you with rasor blocks

  9. joao gregorio Говорит

    Albedo’s look remind me Dante.

    1. Hypnotic Skull Говорит

      Oh my God… You’re right!

    2. Gaming Goof Говорит

      Not in a million years

    3. yomi bajo Говорит

      @Nozomu Onodera hees albino duh

    4. Thabz_ Dasavage Говорит


    5. JAY GAMING Говорит

      It’s like alucard from ml

  10. ပိုင္စိုးခန့္DRAGON Thit Sar strike X fire lighting 日本 Говорит

    Season 9 albedo kidnapped kai green ben 10 super omniverse return
    Omni kix key and omni kix armor

  11. BackupJester Говорит

    fight Ben’s aliens with Ben’s aliens done

  12. ပိုင္စိုးခန့္DRAGON Thit Sar strike X fire lighting 日本 Говорит

    Ben goop swampfire chromastone big chill humungousaur brainstorm jetray spidermonkey echo echo albedo

  13. Fredi Cela Говорит

    Im so so so so sad i dont know how to download.

  14. Ride a bike Говорит

    If you look at albedo’s omnitrix closely at the start you can see it is color green meaning the omnitrix symbol while he is alien from should be green
    Edit:okay I looked at it a little closer when playing the game the omnitrix symbol isnt actually green but when albedo is gonna dial there is some green
    Edit 2:or were just looking too much into this and its just actually lazy design since this is a budget game that’s actually really good

    1. BigTime Rusher Говорит

      Ride a bike I see it too

    2. Ride a bike Говорит

      @ahzhanae I’m not talking about the core, I’m talking about what is underneath it.

    3. DialRforRad Говорит

      Someone pointed out 0:17

    4. ahzhanae Говорит

      I only se red

    5. ahzhanae Говорит

      Ride a bike you lied

  15. Brayan Checo Говорит

    0:17 why albedo omnitrix is green when is suppose to be red ?

    1. WYATT GLOSSON Говорит


    2. Ride a bike Говорит

      @Nick ole also it automatically becomes red since albedo is a warped ben tennyson since the dna structure is incomplete the omnitrix energy is color maybe some sort of negativity just like the one you see in the last episodes of alien force, the one where he used a stolen omnitrix core and automatically became red dud to hes warped dna.

    3. Nick ole Говорит

      Brayan Checo it’s used to be green before but he had put something that is a red key to the omnitrix so it’s red now idk why it’s like that lol

    4. Ride a bike Говорит

      More of lazy design

  16. Dj Tonmoy Tanvir Говорит


  17. José Fernández Говорит

    This videogame is pretty good for a game based in a TV series, but looking back at it, it really needed more polish to be great. It was also way too short and straight in comparison to a developer game. I still enjoyed it a lot nevertheless.

    1. Crazeh Boi Говорит

      I really wish they remastered this game, along with «Cosmic Destruction»

  18. selva kumar Говорит


  19. Orlando Sanchez sandoval Говорит

    Que pro osea el juego es una pasada pero esta en ingles

  20. José roberto Formigari Говорит

    Ele e Br?

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