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  1. Zenc Говорит

    Idk why this comment section is so pressed about today not being his bday and the group thinking today was his bday… like first of all they were probably trolling and second of all they were all drunk LMAO of course they’d just believe anything they’d hear

    1. Izzy Petersen Говорит

      They all knew it wasn’t his birthday, that’s why they thought it was funny and kept repeating it

    2. Delaney Silva Говорит

      @Rav Kaur plus they were all drunk-

    3. Rav Kaur Говорит

      There is no “probably”. They were a thousand percent trolling haha

    4. Delaney Silva Говорит

      they were all drunk and were trollling lol

  2. Allison Gasca Говорит

    It wasn’t his birthdayyyyy he said it on his instagram story

    1. Mouleeshwarren Manichalvan Говорит

      They are trolling🥴🙄

  3. Avakin Azzy Говорит

    Its not his birthday, his birthday is on August 8th and hes a leo not a capricorn bc his birthday is not on January 11th, i repeat his birthday is on August 8th not January 11th

    1. Alexia Mooñ Говорит

      lol chill we all Know Its Just A Joke Calm Down

    2. John 3:16 Говорит


    3. Galen Marek Говорит

      Wow… None of us knew… Thankyou for that information…

  4. Missy 8 Говорит

    It’s not his birthday, his bday is in August

    1. LavenderWolf Говорит

      The joke flew over your head but thanks for letting people know

  5. Mayla Zahira Shofa Говорит

    lol everyone was drunk lmao

  6. ESSARGEE Говорит

    Happy crop day

  7. Princess Leai Говорит

    omg already?? hahhah I was watching corpse stream the entire time today^^
    def all the trending topics other than #onlybreath was a troll by corpse chat

  8. Jd Говорит

    Happy birthday Crops

  9. Tony Noon Говорит


  10. Lai sleepihead Говорит

    Grow my crops

  11. Izzy Petersen Говорит

    Happy birthday Corpse!!!

  12. Gabriella Bueno Говорит

    Happy birthday Randall😁🎊🎉

  13. Nico Ni Говорит

    Jebus y’all are quick

  14. D3PPR3SS3D Говорит

    unpopular opinion: this corpse hype is getting annoying

    1. Hannah Anderson Говорит

      What’s wrong with making a person feel good about themselves

    2. Kristen Delphin Говорит

      Then why click on this video

    3. Denzel Говорит

      I don’t get why he’s so hyped but i’m glad he is, good for him

    4. Kerah Johnson Говорит

      then why did you click on a video about him lmao

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