Character Teaser — «Albedo: Still Life and Creation» | Genshin Impact

Master Albedo is an artist of rare talent. His strokes are subtle, and he weaves his alchemy into them.
But… surely, he has surpassed "craft" and entered the realm of "creation"…

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  1. Carrie On Говорит

    «Arise! Lifeless dust of the Universe!» -My mum trying to wake me up every morning

    1. Nicolas Berlage Говорит

      Ok this was funny

    2. he tdog Говорит


  2. YoinkedGaming Говорит

    Bob Ross is in Genshin Impact

    1. Cloud Galaxy Говорит


    2. Nia Cover Говорит


    3. Dylan Xn Говорит

      Missa Without Symphony

    4. Goku Black rośe Говорит

      Except he’s way handsome and young (no homo)

    5. Casuals .3. Говорит


  3. Hyurno Говорит

    He’s SCREAMING «I’m an INTP» to me

    Like WAY too much

    1. TeruTeru The Rice Cooker aka Micah Говорит

      @go away nerd — still not trying to sort this out

    2. TeruTeru The Rice Cooker aka Micah Говорит

      @go away nerd — oh wowowwwwwww

    3. TeruTeru The Rice Cooker aka Micah Говорит

      @SlicedCake • 31 years ago long words? I copied and pasted from google

    4. SlicedCake • 31 years ago Говорит

      @TeruTeru The Rice Cooker aka Micah «I use long words to make myself look more photosynthesis»

    5. SampledGlobe Говорит

      That me

  4. Gboy Gamer Говорит

    Albedo: *come traveler let’s explore this area*

    Traveler: *sure, it’s not like I got a sibling to find or anything* 😬

    1. Prozitive Говорит

      Albedo : And why would you think doing wouldn’t be the case ?

    2. David Xencaster Говорит

      The sibling might be in the uncharted area, who knows?

    3. LLRT Говорит

      @Vincent Valentine or the timmy in the Forest.

    4. Vincent Valentine Говорит

      I’m sure she’ll be fine just like Shawn in fallout 4. It’s just a kid

  5. Claud Говорит



    1. oh look a Lemon Говорит

      I’m the best at parties my man.

    2. Wolfmatic Говорит


    3. Claud Говорит

      ​@oh look a Lemon you must be fun at parties.

    4. Mystical RSD Говорит

      @oh look a Lemon NO

    5. oh look a Lemon Говорит

      he’s short? his height is confirmed? isn’t he like, a teen? he’s a prodigy, remember?

  6. MeliZbeauty Говорит

    Sucrose: Please Don’t

    Albedo: BET

    1. oh look a Lemon Говорит

      ah, but it was created by a real life person who was obsessed with the child like glee, correct?

    2. 『You’re ARIdopted now』 Говорит

      @FBI you’re one of those people who wishes they had a harem of Lolis irl, stfu

    3. oh look a Lemon Говорит

      Fbi, that word was used as an excuse by pedophiles to defend their obsession with children.

    4. Harusaki Shiina Говорит


    5. FBI Говорит

      @oh look a Lemon oh, you’re one of those people who can’t differentiate a cartoon with real life.

  7. Blue Говорит

    Is he also the one creating all these crystal butterflies 🤔

    1. Lacy Alvior Говорит

      @Ten Vee kie yeah

    2. Ten Vee kie Говорит

      Spawn more crystalflies in places easier to glide onto

    3. Lacy Alvior Говорит

      Well he gotta create more

    4. Xinyi Wang Говорит

      He needs to give me some crystal cores then. I need em for my condensed resin needs.

  8. about me Говорит

    Stop making every single character perfect.

    1. Jev S15 Говорит

      @Warlord Mehedi you’re on crack if you think amber is trash

    2. Warlord Mehedi Говорит

      @Jev S15 I was how did u know?

    3. Yurin Говорит

      @Warlord Mehedi what do you mean? She is also perfect.

    4. Juan R Говорит

      So true

    5. Latte Latte Говорит

      Vishap: Am I a joke to you?

  9. Just Nyx Говорит

    heres a random fact : Sucrose has animal ears while Keqing don’t it just her hair

    1. Mr.Randen Говорит

      She’s has deer ears while Keqing has pointy buns shaped as onigiri

  10. Nullified Говорит

    man i wish albedo was a summoner type unit where we can use his drawings for combat! that would be so cool!

    1. Zero Izanagi Говорит

      So…. Sai from naruto

    2. Quinton Krautter Говорит

      Like Si in Naruto ?

    3. boredAF Говорит

      @SquircleQuir that’s just a side thing, he E and ult actually specialize in AOE damage, even more so than zongli, if you like AOE then he’s your guy

    4. ShiroiOkami Говорит

      What if he can summon a drawing. It can be say one of three different drawings and which ever one you summon has a separate ability.

      Ex: He has a chance of summoning a bird similar to the Oceanid which swoops down on enemies to attack. Gives a 3% speed boost to the player and allows them to attack faster (5% maybe?)

    5. Joltie RL Говорит

      that would be weird because if it takes time to paint and summon stuffs

  11. Sword Of Symphogear Говорит

    The game says Sucrose is his assistant
    But clearly she’s more his handler or something considering she needed to meekly lecture him

  12. Mayo Говорит

    Albedo: do you understand now, Sucrose.

    Me: **sweats nervously**

    My primogems : **cries**

  13. Turk's Innovations Говорит


    1. hiddenbeauty12 Говорит

      I thought I was the one who noticed the strong Doodlebob energy lolol

  14. Cherry 葵 Говорит

    *That’s…. a very interesting looking drawing, Mr. Albedo~*

    1. Utavin Zo Говорит

      stop it, get some help

    2. Cherry 葵 Говорит

      hahahah hello all 😀 and yes i’m a Zhongli simp who is very interested in Genshin :3
      *Nice to meet you all, my fellow Genshin gamers* :3

    3. chase Говорит

      Uh ummm… What are you doing Mr. Albedo??

    4. Amin Nawawi Говорит

      You’re a Zhongli simp

    5. Darksoul 07 Говорит

      oh Cherry is here ( 〇□〇)

  15. selina xu Говорит

    sucrose: albedo no
    albedo: ALBEDO *YES*

    1. Hot Fist Говорит


  16. Arielle Charles Говорит

    I’m saving for xiao I’m saving for xiao I’m saving for xiao, i ain’t cheating on xiao, I’m faithful, i ain’t gambling again, I’m not transforming into yumeko, I’m saving for xiao

    1. Oberonjames Говорит

      @Arielle Charles Yeah, I have terrible luck with the rolls too, so I mostly use 4 stars. I managed to hit pity and get both Venti and Zhongli though. Eventually, the pity timer expires. I’ve been farming blue ley lines. That’s the only way I can get XP, lol

    2. Arielle Charles Говорит

      @Oberonjames what’s your adventure rank ?

    3. Oberonjames Говорит

      @Arielle Charles just hit 50. Frankly I had a bit of trouble keeping up around 35-40, but I’ve caught up now

    4. Arielle Charles Говорит

      @Oberonjames wow you’re pretty far! I’m slowing down a but now at ar 41 and focus a bit on farming

    5. Oberonjames Говорит

      @Arielle Charles yeah, I wasn’t trying to progress quickly. it just happened

  17. Neko Nao Говорит

    Me, still trying to process zhongli:

  18. Stephen Viterbo Говорит

    With this power, Albedo can make his waifu a reality.

    Also *doodlebob noises*

    1. TeruTeru The Rice Cooker aka Micah Говорит

      @Abhay Manikanti uhh yeah

    2. Stephen Viterbo Говорит

      @Abhay Manikanti *indeed*
      A fake Ganyu… Qilin Archer Alter

    3. Jev S15 Говорит

      Exactly what I thought

    4. Abhay Manikanti Говорит

      Isn’t that why Ganyu is coming right after Albedo

  19. Oberonjames Говорит

    No one is talking about the biggest revelation in this trailer: He called it a Vishap, NOT a Geovishap. This tells us that a Geovishap is a TYPE of Vishap. This proof positive that one day we’ll get an Electrovishap, which will LITERALLY be Sonic The Hedgehog. MOVIE Sonic The Hedgehog, with the electric powers. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!

    Gotta go fast

    1. Oberonjames Говорит

      @Narky Sawtooth He seems to still be discovering his abilities in the movie, as he accidentally sets off an EMP at one point. In the games, he could use different types of shields to grant himself extra abilities. I’m not sure what the movies are gonna do in the sequels, but the blue electric powers made sense for the interpretation of the character we saw in the first movie. Have you seen it? It’s pretty good.

    2. Narky Sawtooth Говорит

      Are you saying the guy who can divert power from electronics to power up his body only has electric powers in the movies?

    3. David Forde Говорит

      @Zackary Uljua that was a hint that among other things to give you an idea of zhongli orgins. All gods start off as a living creature that evolved. Zhongli was a dragon that ruled a range of mountains as morax. He started as a vishap. Barbatos was a fairy sprite. Dragons like stormterror are what slimes could become.etc

    4. 24th night Говорит

      @AntiTMG yet I need to hunt them for my ninguang mappa mare

    5. AntiTMG Говорит

      I hate those things

  20. Brandon Clarke Говорит

    I know Albedo’s a geo, but his character screams dendro to me.

    1. Alphonse The Falcon Говорит

      No his vision makes sense. There are theories that say that he might be a created human through alchemy with dust and other minerals. Besides, earth and dust are prior for his character since he is called the chalk prince and he creates life with dust. No dendro needed

    2. Lokradan Говорит

      @Alphonse The Falcon After watching his character trailer, and finding some of the little secrets found in it, I can definitely say he’s 100% an alchemical creation

    3. Luna 루나 Говорит

      yeah especially his elevator

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