Genshin Impact — Ganyu & Albedo Showcase (1.2 Developer Gameplay)

Genshin Impact (PC / PS4 Pro) Ganyu and Albedo Gameplay Showcase at the 1.2 Update Developer Reveal
#GenshinImpact #Endgame #Ganyu
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Event Footage edited in a transformative manner for information purposes. Gameplay provided by Developer

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  1. Rajo Garang Говорит

    Bruh mc geo,zhongli,ningguang and albedo can build a house

    1. winter-chan Говорит

      barbie mansion

    2. Flamezz Говорит

      A 2 storey house

    3. ExEL`Gaming Говорит

      Wall In Paradise

    4. Azure Flute Говорит

      noelle crying at the corner

    5. JHN DVE Говорит

      LMAO 🤣

  2. Ho Capito Говорит

    Ganyu: Cool aoe ice attacks

    Albedo: *E* *L* *E* *V* *A* *T* *O* *R*

    1. I'm A Fox Говорит

      @Paul Hudson Venti : You underestimate my power

    2. The Soul of culture The master of all civilizations Говорит

      @Mido Roki yes, i got his ult at full level, all we need is that sweet cryo precentage and he shall do at lease 100000 per ult

    3. Mido Roki Говорит

      I dont give SH*t about gacha anymore, İ just want dragonspine region asap. My main Chongyun Will be the only GOD.✌️

    4. The Soul of culture The master of all civilizations Говорит

      @Ho Capito try seeing the latest one then you shall understand the great power of bondrewd’s elevator

    5. Ho Capito Говорит

      @The Soul of culture The master of all civilizations Where did you watch it? I tried looking but couldn’t find it.

  3. Hyunjin and Seungmin's Child Говорит

    «I would like to study you if you do not mind»
    «I’m certain we would have many opportunities to be alone in the future»

    1. Zhōnglî's Téa Cüp Говорит

      Me(a guy) using Aether: *Fanboy screams*

    2. Saa-chan.48 Говорит


    3. Daniel다니엘 Говорит

      I dont get it

    4. リリー Говорит


    5. athena Говорит


  4. I xiao I Говорит

    Gonna pull cocogoat for qiqi

    1. Chaotic Potato Говорит

      Same bro 😂😂

    2. Flamezz Говорит

      How exactly are we to milk it tho 🤔🤔

    3. Josh Capilitan Говорит

      @tomie kawakami . i never said she’ll be deadass useless i just said shes a cryo amber and ppl thought it was an insult like amber is some infection. And sure she’ll be useful in that aspect of the new map i never heard of.

    4. cereal Говорит

      Damn but I might pull Albedo for Sucrose

    5. Jo DM Говорит

      Me too for my qiqi.

  5. pastxl.s Говорит

    “I would like to study you.. if you don’t mind. I’m sure we will have many opportunities to be alone in the future”

    Did.. did I hear that right

    1. Zatri Говорит

      hol up

    2. heart abduction Говорит

      Jokes on him, Paimon is always watching

    3. Random Bird loves curry Говорит

      im saving my primogems.

    4. Nisrina Qonita Putri Говорит

      Uhuh… We hear that right…

    5. ET. Alex Reyes Говорит

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. Bubble Tae Говорит

    Albedo: I would like to study you, if you don’t mind. I’m sure we will have many opportunities to be alone in the future.

    Me: … WHAT 👁👄👁

    1. Vincent Говорит

      Aether: Dude chill

    2. Hannah Dela Rosa Говорит


    3. Azure Flute Говорит

      i wouldnt mind tho uwu

    4. ET. Alex Reyes Говорит

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Minakage Говорит

    0:12 Ah yes, take all my protogems please

    1. Brush Говорит

      @Wørsen yeah i know i tried to make a joke lol

    2. Wørsen Говорит

      @Brush atleast you tried 😂😂

    3. Brush Говорит

      Primogems? Never heard of her
      All I know is Protogems

    4. Wørsen Говорит

      @Brush he mean primo

    5. Mr Im Говорит

      human of culture ^^

  8. Master Chief Говорит

    New update: boss getting stronger
    While me: still getting HP% artitact

    1. Zetsu Говорит

      @Subhan Abdillah Hakim

      Noelle tank is so good she can do a bit damage and healing

    2. yorusuyasoul Говорит

      Cries in berserker set

    3. Subhan Abdillah Hakim Говорит

      Noelle : give it to me

    4. Zetsu Говорит

      @Genshin Boi main def stat and def sub stats xD

    5. Yamai Говорит

      @Schuyler Reneeesme I’d take elemental mastery over def% or hp% anyday tbh

  9. Chandler Wynn Говорит

    Albedo looks so freakin cute! I hope I’ll get him!

    1. DiamondDragon Говорит

      ​@Cronostatis meh that’s your opinion; I think Ganyu is okay but sorta generic while Albedo is a must-pull

    2. yuria Говорит

      @Cronostatis I think his design is great

    3. STOAKLEY PURFR Говорит

      @Cronostatis ok who cares lmao. If you wanna get Ganyu knock yourself out, if someone wants to get Albedo, then that’s who they want. 💀

    4. Cronostatis Говорит

      @STOAKLEY PURFR the problem is that he’s a dude with a lame design. Ganyu is a cute asf waifu, plenty of people will prefer ganyu over generic albedo

    5. shouter00 Говорит

      ​@Ultra Tem THIS is so ducking accurate. ;-; Whats the point in fighting over a character? If someone prefers Barbara DPS/Albedo or whoever they want to, let them be smh >.>

  10. Rubirosa - Говорит

    Spirit blossom Kindred looks 👌

    1. tadase Говорит


  11. Esdea Говорит

    Can’t wait for Fullgeo Alchemist in my team

  12. リリー Говорит


    I feel like he wants me to be his lab rat.

  13. Unknown user Говорит

    «I would like to study you and be alone with you in the future» 👀

    1. Serena Говорит

      ah yes. The reason why I am rolling for him.

    2. ET. Alex Reyes Говорит

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. Melek Pınarbaşı Говорит

    Pyro waifu : i sleEp
    Cryo waifu : *R E A L S H I T*

    1. informalusername Говорит

      Lmfao, I just realized that this reply section is people fighting because some misunderstanding about waifus

    2. Crown Slayer Говорит


    3. Spooky Говорит

      @Joel wsy dude, you misunderstood the comment

    4. benedict david Говорит

      @Jihoon Krystal Luhan he means amber is the pyro waifu

    5. Just A Goku Who's Black Говорит

      @Jihoon Krystal Luhan Amber

  15. Propaganda F Говорит

    Literally everyone: wow ganyu charged att can hit multiple enemies will be useful
    Me : haha timmy’s pigeons go brrrrrttt

  16. Jenna Micieli Говорит

    Wonder if albedo is gonna have some crazy talents or damage numbers because I just don’t get it

    1. Portal to the unknown Говорит

      @Genshin Boi I mean you could always test him out in the non story trial because he has zero constellations when used in that version

    2. Yeesh Yalls are SALINATED Говорит

      @Genshin Boi samee

    3. BURTAKOCHI Говорит

      Ningguang should be the 5 star not those other geo elevator, geo d1ldo

    4. Flo G Говорит

      Well geo characters desperatly need good numbers ’cause they can’t do any damages through elemental reactions, the main interest and source of power of all others elements

    5. huggeis Говорит

      Looking at he’s talents and scaling , seems like he’s gonna be a burst support. Should be pretty amazing paired with zhongli. Don’t sleep on him tho pretty sure he can do tons of damage

  17. Abhishek Sundaresan Говорит

    Albedo is gonna be crazy with my klee

    1. heart abduction Говорит

      @Otaku Jesus Klee’s used to explosions

    2. Masked Ranchu Говорит

      @soulzx lol nope.

    3. Dio Говорит

      he also has 40 energy so a good sub dps burst spammer.

    4. Arenji Etc Говорит

      Err yeah, Albedo is crazy to be alone with Klee and study her

    5. Abhishek Sundaresan Говорит

      @Otaku Jesus true

  18. Jailam Myles Говорит

    0:29 is where you prepare your credit card.

  19. Jet30yBlack Ω Говорит

    I am Albedo
    The Geo traveller’s new skin

  20. MELOO Говорит

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