One Direction Carpool Karaoke

Эротические рассказы и пopно видео 18+  >>>

James Corden has Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Harry Styles join him for a carpool through Los Angeles singing some of their biggest songs and introducing a little choreography. Download One Direction's "Made in the A.M." here:

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  1. Rose Boucher Говорит

    Let’s be honest, James is the only one who has the power of bringing One Direction back together.
    Please do it!

  2. Leah Newman Говорит

    James: “So much traffic!”
    James: *in the parking lot *

    Edit: thanks for all the likes!

    1. Class 10i Говорит
    2. Tabatha Staples Говорит

      Shepherd’s Chapel Network !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Servant of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!

    3. Ayala Egbuji Говорит


    4. Reem Говорит
    5. Leah Stephens Говорит

      We have the same naammmee thhhooo!!! 😂✌️😗💖

  3. Lauren Kang Говорит

    Honestly this should be called “James Corden trying to get into One Direction for 13 minutes and 22 seconds”

    1. Kimberly Snow Говорит

      OMG LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 periodtttt

    2. Ellie Forde Говорит

      Lauren Kang yesssssssss

    3. Holly MacPake Говорит


    4. Mix All7 Говорит

      Yup me toooo

    5. Nour Hammoud Говорит

      guys please go vote ‘that’s what makes you beautiful’ — by one direction they are so close to getting number 1 but BTS is ahead by a little, they really deserve this also make sure to vote for Harry Styles please both Harry and One direction deserve this, we can show them how good they were and still are now

  4. 1D and Me Говорит

    James: dad
    Niall: mom
    Louis: moody teenager
    Harry: the little kid
    Liam: the revel

    1. Madison Schwantes Говорит

      Zayn: Adopted

    2. Samantha :p Говорит

      Zayn: the runaway

    3. CIA Говорит


    4. Lakmalee Perera Говорит

      Zayn- the teen at college

    5. polaboy mp.4 Говорит

      Zayn: step dad

  5. i don't know Говорит

    fun fact: zayn left one direction just because he didn’t fit in the car

    1. Florence reacts Говорит

      FALS he left because there manijer was terible

    2. Hyyper Storm ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Говорит

      Hehe I guess that’s the point

    3. Ekra Khan Говорит


    4. DUAA NAEEM Говорит

      No zayn left coz he wanted ti be normal and wanted a break from fame. He wished 1d and said «i know they will continue to be the best band ever. » 😔❤

    5. cheyenne kaylin Говорит

      He could have gone in the trunk

  6. Louis Tomlinson Говорит

    James in the car: Having an audition for beating the high note of Zayn’s part.

    1. Jackie Говорит

      Darling is that you

    2. Zara Morrison Говорит

      I agree with you 💯 %

    3. Judith M Говорит

      @Agnes Is blocked again I tried to but it says I’m not allowed 🙁

    4. 1 Direction Говорит

      @Agnes Is blocked again a lot of people have sent me this but it is not working

      billboard does not work for my country

    5. Jendy Mear Severo Говорит

      Fake account

  7. Ava Gonzalez Говорит

    Fun fact: this comment section will forever be active

    1. Alona Sigal Говорит

      @Ava Gonzalez merry christmas eve eve! i

    2. Ava Gonzalez Говорит

      @Andrea Pacheco Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!

    3. Andrea Pacheco Говорит

      Hi merry Christmas Eve eve

    4. Class 10i Говорит
    5. Leena Biswas Говорит


  8. Isabella Chidiak Говорит

    Can we talk about how the comment section is still active after 5 YEARS?

    1. Giuliana Bagnarol Говорит

      @KittenBitten Kitty PURRRR 👺😋

    2. Melanie Rodriguez Говорит

      I come back to this video at least once a week 😭

    3. Class 10i Говорит
    4. Livi Tate Говорит

      @KittenBitten Kitty agreed

    5. Livi Tate Говорит

      Directioners never forget

  9. Rebecca Singer Говорит

    How many weird faces Harry does when he sings


    1. Inaya Ahmad Говорит

      apparently nearly 1000

    2. Judith M Говорит

      @Leah Newman Who doesn’t?

    3. Class 10i Говорит
    4. -moonbright- Говорит

      No, they’re beautiful

    5. Rebecca Singer Говорит

      Me 2 I’m obsessed😂🤣

  10. Addy Rose Говорит

    Who’s watching this in June 2020 and is just hoping for a reunion?

    1. Camila HW Говорит

      it’s December 2020 4 days until christmas

    2. Latifa Makhkamova Говорит

      ✋ me (but in December 🥺)

    3. CIA Говорит

      Not I June but in December but yes

    4. Nilanjana Saha Говорит

      December 2020 more like it

    5. Ananya Patil Говорит

      I am watching this on December and 1D is still not back

  11. Corinne_ NCIS Говорит

    I feel like Louis is that one person in the car where he’s quiet and mumbles the music softly while looking out the window

    1. Class 10i Говорит
    2. Laura L Говорит

      So basically me😭✋

    3. jess Говорит

      he gets distracted like me 😭🤚🏼

    4. Asti Bieler Говорит

      Omg yesss

  12. Amoretta Говорит

    james looks like he’s driving his children to school and they’re singing songs

    1. 1 Direction Говорит

      hello miss
      how do you feel that your comment is the first one?

    2. Parvathy Говорит

      @Maitha Altaha of course! And we’re going to kidnap him😈

    3. Annika Schuurman Говорит

      I totally agree with that

    4. Alegra xD Говорит

      it really looks like it Xd

    5. Malak Al harbe Говорит


  13. [] Gru [] Говорит

    POV: You’re having a 1D breakdown at 2 a.m.

    1. Joshua Matulka Говорит

      @Eve We’ve 2:26am for me I’m afraid

    2. Eve We’ve Говорит

      2:14 am on christmas eve i’m having a 1d breakdown

    3. Judith M Говорит

      Are you spying me? 😰😰😬

    4. Class 10i Говорит
    5. Savannah Penrod Говорит

      It’s always late at night or early in the morning lol

  14. Olivia Condon Говорит

    James knows every word to every song ever

    1. Amruta Alwar Говорит


  15. Kelsie costello Говорит

    Harry’s face and Nialls when James was singing Best Song Ever

  16. erin heppard Говорит

    my brother saw me watching this and just said «wheres zayn at» IM GONNA CRY

    1. Avery Craig Говорит

      wait that hurt lol

    2. Prapti Panchal Говорит

      Zayn is on the roof of the car duh!!

    3. Agnes Is blocked again Говорит

      Plzz vote for 1d we r losinggg and its the final round

    4. Isa Говорит

      omg aaaaaah me tooooo

    5. Trinity’s Vlogs Говорит


  17. aixa Baez Говорит

    1:02 =What make you beautiful
    3:14 =Story of my life
    4:34 =Best song ever
    7:29 =No control
    10:27 =Perfect
    11:43 =Drag me down
    😉No problem.

    1. Galleguita 07 Говорит

      @Arjun B thanks

    2. HI Говорит

      @Arjun B i dont see the mistake

    3. Arjun B Говорит

      Anyday bro directioners got each other’s bacc

    4. Class 10i Говорит
    5. Damaris Villamar Говорит

      Thanks you

  18. Darcy Styles Говорит

    no one:
    directioners: all i want for christmas is ONE DIRECTION REUNION

    1. Raygan Frame Говорит

      @*samira mohamed* why would you say that 🙁 😖😭

    2. Himani Arya Говорит

      Me singing this in Liam’s voice

    3. Amy에이미 Говорит

      I am not even a directioner but that’s on my list. . Like I really miss 1D

    4. Agnes Is blocked again Говорит
      Plzz vote for 1d we r losinggg and its the final round

    5. Sofia Говорит


  19. shruthi sridharan Говорит

    why is everyone here 5 years later

    1. Judith M Говорит

      I am here because I can’t live without their music. Horrid days become good days because of their music 🥰

    2. Class 10i Говорит
    3. Bea Lago Говорит

      Tik tok and it’s endless videos about 1D

    4. hailey murray Говорит


    5. AGülce Şakar Говорит

      we miss them so much.

  20. Antonella Eid Говорит

    If you’re still watching this in the end of 2020 you’re a legend

    1. Latifa Makhkamova Говорит

      Right here ✋

    2. Simrah Sarfraz Говорит


    3. hailey murray Говорит


    4. e l l e n Говорит

      Ya boo is here

    5. slippery chicken Говорит

      gurl you know it

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