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  1. Tristyn Miller Говорит

    It was silent through my house, not filled with Christmas cheer. Until I got a notification, that Buckley’s hooker story was here. 🎄

    1. Brandon Just Is Говорит

      Quality comment

  2. Deathrite Confidant Говорит

    I knew this story had a twisted ending lol.

  3. arxsyn Говорит

    Umm, l wouldn’t recommend seeing live clients in such an atmosphere. Making the pivot to digital services is far more sane and safe (sex workers’ lives matter too).
    There is opportunity in crisis, am l right? Danielle is the intrepid entrepreneur making a killing, and that’s why her neighbours secretly envy her. In the end, how can you hate a classy hooker with a heart of gold???

    Upcoming Sequel: Daniel decides she needs to add variety to her shows and is determined to recruit. Will bored, broke, desperate housewives and single moms take the plunge when a (forbidden) work at home opportunity is presented to them? Stay tuned.

  4. Mike A. Говорит

    Ah, a moral we can all get behind.

    1. gagejoseph91 Говорит

      @Mike A. Telling a bunch of guys that paid to get behind a hooker to «be quick» seems a tad redundant.

    2. Mike A. Говорит

      @Raven Vinnie we can all get behind Danielle but be quick because we’re taking turns and there are quite a few people in line already

    3. Raven Vinnie Говорит

      In more ways than one

  5. Knunya Beasewhacks Говорит

    As a man who is an «essential worker» fixing other people’s cars for a living, I can tell you first hand that I’ve made almost 10k less in 2020 than I did in 2019. I thank God every day that I don’t have children to suffer with me.

  6. Nerobyrne Говорит

    this is simultaneously the most wholesome and hilarious Christmas story I’ve ever heard/read.
    Thank you, and Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate this winter season!

  7. Mr1234567895730 Говорит

    Haha that twist ending was golden!😂

  8. Fiz Gig Говорит

    Fantastic story with a great ending.

  9. FlashyEmu Говорит

    Thank you for this masterpiece Buckley

  10. zoewewewewe ._. Говорит

    Best plot twist ever. Merry Christmas losers

  11. Byron Thompson Говорит

    «Unsatisfied married men»
    I knew that line would play out later on in the story.

  12. InfiniteIdeas Говорит

    Merry Christmas Buckley

  13. Alex C Говорит

    Ah, Buckley and his hooker stories. Never change, Buckley. Never change

  14. bigvirgotube Говорит

    It’s, it’s a Christmas miracle! **sheds tears**

  15. Christine Darden Говорит

    This is the best Christmas story I’ve heard 😂

  16. Malachi Owens Говорит

    I knew that it was going to be a poly twist 😆

  17. BRSwift Говорит

    The ending definitely threw me for a loop. Brilliant. Consider my heart dewarmed.

  18. accckiy Говорит

    I knew the ending already. Husband, HO! LOL!

  19. Tyler Hackner Говорит

    Could not have asked for a better story to end 2020.

  20. Sara Eyre Говорит

    This is truly incredible

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