The Beach Boys — I Get Around

The Beach Boys' vocal harmonies are among the most unmistakable and enduring of the rock and roll era. Among rock and roll groups of the Sixties, the California quintet place second only to the Beatles in terms of their overall impact on the Top 40. They were the Fab Four's most serious competitors on a creative level, too. Paul McCartney has allowed that the Beatles' masterpiece, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, was their attempt to address the challenge posed by the Beach Boys' magnum opus, Pet Sounds — which itself was inspired by the British foursome's Rubber Soul.

This creative dialogue between two of rock's greatest bands pushed popular music to an artistic peak. Paul McCartney noted that "both [Pet Sounds and Sgt. Pepper] have more than held up. To me it's like, 'What have people been doing in the meantime? Where's the progress?' I can't see anything as modern as that around at the moment."

The Beach Boys were a family affair that came together in the Los Angeles suburb of Hawthorne, California, in 1961. Three brothers — Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson — were joined by their cousin, Mike Love, and a schoolmate, Alan Jardine (who was replaced by David Marks, before rejoining). Brian Wilson, who demonstrated an aptitude for music at an early age, was the group's leader, orchestrating their harmonies, writing the music, producing the recording sessions.

One of the undisputed geniuses in popular music, Brian demonstrated an uncanny gift for harmonic invention and complex vocal and instrumental arrangements. Initially, the magnitude of that genius was overlooked owing to the subject matter of the band's early hits: i.e., surfing, hot rods and teen romance. But today, even the lyrics to those songs — generally written by Mike Love or such outside collaborators as deejay Roger Christian and producer Gary Usher — are celebrated for their deft use of technical lingo and youthful joie de vivre. "A lot of love went into our singing, our harmonies, the making of those records," Brian Wilson said in 2003.

"I Get Around" was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love for The Beach Boys. The song features Love on lead vocal for the verse, and Wilson for the chorus. It is noteworthy for its back-to-front structure—it starts with a chorus and has two short verses. It was a single which was released in 1964 through Capitol Records; the B-side of the single was "Don't Worry Baby", which itself charted at number 24 in the United States. "I Get Around" was The Beach Boys' first number-one hit song in the United States. The single charted at number seven in the United Kingdom, and was the band's first top ten single there. The song's first album release was on All Summer Long in 1964. The band performed I Get Around as well as Wendy on the Ed Sullivan Show on September 27, 1964.

The vocals were recorded during a session eight days later on April 10. The lead vocal features Mike Love on the verses and Brian Wilson on the choruses with backing vocals from Brian, Carl & Dennis Wilson, Mike Love and Alan Jardine (the soaring falsetto is Brian Wilson).

"I Get Around" was released as a single in the US on May 11, 1964. The single entered the Billboard chart on June 6 at #17. It reached the #1 spot on the Billboard charts on July 4, becoming the band's first #1 hit in the US. The song remained at #1 for two weeks before being replaced by "Rag Doll" by The Four Seasons. The single also reached #1 on the United States Variety charts on July 1.

The song was first released on an album in 1964 on the band's All Summer Long album. In the following year, the band re-recorded the song as a medley along with "Little Deuce Coupe" for their 1965 Beach Boys' Party! album. The medley was a send-up of the original recording. The mock recording replaces lyrics such as "we always take my car cause it's never been beat" with "we always take my car although it's a heap". The original recording of the song was later re-released on the band's 1989 studio album Still Cruisin'. On the 1996 country styled studio release Stars and Stripes Vol. 1 the band re-recorded the song for the album which featured country band Sawyer Brown as guests on the track who played several of the instruments on the recording as well as featuring a lead vocal by band member Mark Miller. The harmonies on the re-recorded track were provided by Brian & Carl Wilson, Alan & Matt Jardine, Mike Love and Bruce Johnston.

The song frequently appears on many of the groups Greatest Hits compilations.

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    1. RandomBotDude 05 Говорит

      I remember waiting on someone to say it, thank goodness I didn’t have to

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    3. howdoigetonresults Говорит

      i love how it prefectly fits

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    5. Marie Barbier Говорит

      @Jonathan lewis Qqq

  2. Ana Sofía Barajas Bustillos Говорит

    The Beatles: We got some great harmonies going.
    The Beach Boys: Hold my surfboard.

    1. Rebel Runner Говорит

      Another unoriginal, parrot comment from a brain dead commentor with nothing unique or interesting to contribute to the world. Fu*k these like fishing comments.

    2. GoldDrake Говорит

      Beatles overrated

    3. LegYT Говорит

      The Beatles: We got some great harmonies going.
      The Beach Boys: Hold my chocolate and some lobster and some eggs and some pie.

    4. Alec Neate Говорит

      My view is the beach boys have the better singers and definitely the better harmonies but the beatles were much more creative and influential. They’re music itself was much better and very varied considering they were only together 7 years. But beach boys are just great in the summer

    5. Duff01 Говорит

      i love beach boys, but americans couldnt compete out the british rock bands. even jimmy hendrix had to move to the Uk and start a british band to become huge. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Animales, The Police, Queen, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Led zeppelin, Def Leppard, The klinkz… etc british rock bands >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. Sam J. Говорит

    This song just makes you feel happy in a way you can’t exactly describe.

    1. autism 23 Говорит


    2. Will van der Walt Говорит

      Yes, there is in it all a whiff of sadness …

    3. BeachBoysfan4ever MLP Говорит

      Trueeee. This is literally the song that made me a beach boys fan, and changed my life

    4. Kay Bla Говорит

      Takes me back to going to Blockbuster with my dad haha classic days

    5. SgSpArTaN RiSeS Говорит

      Dude I said the same thing…

  4. Veronica Nunez Говорит

    Their body language reminds me of every group presentation idk whyyy loll

    1. RockObama Говорит

      Can relate bahahaha

    2. YoMo Говорит

      @John Smith I don’t know what to do with my shoulders!

    3. Hickory McCay Говорит

      @Alternative Bricks That’s Mike Love, objectively the worst Beach Boy.

    4. ARandomguy08 Говорит

      ik why, because back then moving your hips was sexist and they couldn’t move their hips. so they made it an awkward mess.

    5. Michael Dearby Говорит

      You win !

  5. Ashleigh Thompson Говорит

    «The guy clapping» His name is Dennis Wilson.

    1. Steve Endicott Говорит

      Yes Dennis Wilson unfortunately died by drowning . I think it was said he was the only actual Real Beach Boy. He died young!

    2. Murps Говорит

      Dennis has the most energy out of the group lol

    3. Oscar Martin Говорит

      @Spacejelly 42 I think he drowned

    4. M A B P 391 Говорит

      Thats Eli Manning.. everyone knows that

    5. Oliver Dennis Говорит

      He still that guy clapping tho.

  6. Will Taylor Говорит

    most uncomfortable looking dudes ever

    1. FNG Waffles Говорит

      They don’t really look uncomfortable just kinda awkward

    2. pallaf100 Говорит

      LOL !!!!

    3. TheTND610 Говорит

      To be fair if you had to be around Mike Love that much you’d be uncomfortable too

    4. Michael C. Говорит

      Baby Yoda Mike Love dances like he has to pee and his Dad won’t stop the car.

    5. Baby Yoda Говорит

      Mostly mike love

  7. Mr. Money Говорит

    France: builds Maginot Line

    1. R. D.S. Говорит

      lmao bruh

    2. blucreeperking7 R Говорит

      I love history memes

    3. Hacking101 Говорит


    4. Quizller Говорит

      Joaquin Khoury They were supposed to make a frontline against germany with belgium, but belgium didn’t let french troops in and so the plan failed.

    5. Mr. Money Говорит

      @birdhovno What? That makes no sense

  8. Tian Говорит

    Everyone before the pandemic: come on, coronavirus can’t spread *that* fast
    Coronavirus: 0:07

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  9. KittyCute97 Говорит

    Ariana Grande: i can sing the highest!
    Brian Wilson: _hold my beer_

    1. WaxOcelot Говорит

      ᶠᴿᴼᴹ ᵀᴼᵂᴺ ᵀᴼ ᵀᴼᵂᴺ
      ᴵ’ᴹ ᴬ ᴿᵉᴬᴸ ᶜᴼᵒᴸ ᴴᵉᴱᵉᵃᴬᴬᵈ
      ᵢₘ ₘₐₖᵢₙ ᵣₑₐₗ GₒₒD BᵣₑₑₑₐₐₐD

    2. Candy C. Говорит

      Jency Petersen I feel grumpy! Trevor: hold my beer! 😃

    3. Ogi 473 Говорит

      Yeah but Mariah Carey doe

    4. Trevor Ochmonek Говорит

      @Jency Petersen You are beautiful!

    5. これを翻訳したあなたは本当に Говорит

      So the bee Gees don’t exist?

  10. Vintage JukeBox - Don't Stop The Music Говорит

    Wonderful song.
    That’s a beautiful playlist:

  11. Buko Juice Говорит

    I think of Regular Show when this plays…

    1. RockObama Говорит

      @Prison Mike hey Mike how’s prison life

    2. the smol Boi Говорит

      @Cyber penguin 3030 A

    3. Cyber penguin 3030 Говорит

      @the smol Boi ok, I think you might be commenting on the wrong thing bud, what does buccerati have to do with this

    4. autism 23 Говорит


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  12. Freckles And Cat Whiskers Говорит

    The Beach Boys: “I’m making real good bread.”
    Boys today: “Her messages still on ‘unread’ ”

    1. Joshua Farrow Говорит


    2. RockObama Говорит

      I’m making progress now it says “read”

  13. Gilgamesh Говорит

    In every presentation, I’d be that dude whose clapping.

  14. Maheerah Galant Говорит

    they guy doing the clapping really gets the song

    1. Erik Christensen Говорит

      he looks like he has ADD

    2. Tim Wilson Говорит

      Good ol’ Dennis. His solo stuff was really really good. He wound up influencing people like Kurt Cobain… That is, until he got too fucked up to remember how to swim. He was something special, it’s a shame he died at 39.

    3. Michael Smythe Говорит

      @Jack Dawson I used to play the drums. It’s not easy and when you hear what ringo, densmore and moon did with a basic kit, it’s absolutely amazing

    4. Michael Smythe Говорит

      @Jack Dawson but Dennis didn’t take to it like Brian. He wasn’t really included when Murray was managing them or even teaching them as they grew up. He surfed and picked up girls. He partied.

    5. Jack Dawson Говорит

      @Michael Smythe Why is it a theme for people on the internet to call the drummers from some of the most successful bands of all time bad? Was he a John Bonham or Dave Grohl, no. But that doesn’t mean he «couldnt play.» I find it hard to believe that being raised by their father the way he was that he wouldnt atleast be competant at whatever he was meant to do

  15. A person u found Gamer Говорит

    Damn I miss when the world was black and white

    1. Eliane RAMASAMY Говорит

      si le monde pouvait s’accepter et vivre en paix quel bonheur

    2. Thunder Slug106 Говорит

      @Space Dog
      balls have an expiration date you sick fucker

    3. Baby Yoda Говорит

      Things need to get simpler

    4. Space Dog Говорит

      Anonymous User I was technically alive in my dads nutsack

    5. Ran Говорит

      Unless you’re white, you wouldn’t have a pleasant time living in that era

  16. Perhaps Говорит

    This song should’ve been in ANY fallout game just any.

    1. Dmitri Petrov Говорит

      It’s in a mod for Fallout 4 called DarkStar radio

    2. Perhaps Говорит

      @Idly2.0 Very!

    3. Idly2.0 Говорит

      Original Comment but what about Miami hmmm?

    4. The Thunderant Говорит

      Hopefully in Fallout Miami

    5. Perhaps Говорит

      @Dmitri Petrov really? Thanks for that, I’ll keep that in mind!

  17. Daniel Monahan Говорит

    To the 1% of people that see this. You have a good taste in music

    1. NovazThePublic Говорит

      @drz cap bruh

    2. Liss Gray Говорит

      thanks u too

    3. Millie Fernandez Говорит


    4. Totally Human Not Alien Говорит

      drz same

    5. Kirk Benedict Говорит

      Nah, I just drive an oldsmobile

  18. Alex Izbicki Real Estate Говорит

    Dennis Wilson liked to get on Mike Love’s nerves, that’s why he stares at Mike while he claps.

    1. szqsk8 Говорит

      Alex Izbicki Real Estate Mike Love should have been worshipping at the feet of the Wilson brothers. Without them he woulda been flipping burgers at In N Out in West Covina….

    2. MONGEZI MKULA Говорит


    3. hydra xc Говорит

      I love knowing this, thank you. I’ll bet they still loved each other.

    4. TonyG Говорит

      peter parker aren’t they cousins 🤮

    5. Squid 7012 Говорит

      @TonyG yes😌

  19. RWley Говорит

    The beach boys walk into a bar.
    «Get a round?»
    «I’ll get a round»

    1. drz Говорит

      I don’t get it.

    2. Martin Pereyra Говорит

      Most original comment I found in any music video ever.

    3. 3 unskippable ads Говорит


    4. Alexander McLaughlin Говорит

      I’m a real cool head I make a real good bread

    5. Sekulært Snøfnugg Говорит

      those first three lines is everything mike wrote on this song. in how many songs does his contribution go beyond that? I wonder.

  20. Luka Говорит

    Bro this song is actually good af

    1. Battle droid commander Говорит

      Dude I’m a goth metal head and this song still fucking slaps

    2. DesertedVoltron Говорит

      A BagOfCarrots someone ruined it

    3. UvUxn Говорит

      U Rite

      I would like except you are on 69 likes

    4. RockObama Говорит

      Quarantine has given me a chance to explore more music. I’m glad I found this one!

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