The Beatles «And I Love Her» Full Guitar Lesson

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Hello friends,
and welcome back to Swiftlessons for another by request song tutorial. In today's session I'll be breaking down The Beatles 1964 classic "And I Love Her." I'll show you how to perform the rhythm and lead sections to the verses, and George's iconic guitar solo. Let's get started!

Time Stamps:
Introduction: 0:00
Demonstration: 0:45
How to Play Intro: 3:10
How to Play Verse: 8:10
How to Play Verse Lead: 10:06
How to Play Bridge: 14:50
Guitar Solo Rhythm: 17:40
Guitar Solo: 19:48
Verse Key Change: 23:12
Outro: 24:35


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  1. swiftlessons Говорит

    Big thanks to my Patreon supporters for making these lessons possible! Your complete tab and chord sheet is available at:

    Time Stamps:
    Introduction: 0:00
    Demonstration: 0:45
    How to Play Intro: 3:10
    How to Play Verse: 8:10
    How to Play Verse Lead: 10:06
    How to Play Bridge: 14:50
    Guitar Solo Rhythm: 17:40
    Guitar Solo: 19:48
    Verse Key Change: 23:12
    Outro: 24:35

    1. Rudy The paisa Говорит

      How do i make the second cord sound clear ??

    2. J J Говорит

      @Guitar Lord G936 God yes

    3. Balkrishna Suwal Говорит

      swiftlessons Rui

  2. Tino Lucas Valença Fernandes Говорит

    Mr. Rob, always giving the best lessons on the best songs

    1. C J Говорит

      You’re joking? I picked up my guitar and figured this out ON 1st ATTEMPT.

    2. Enfant Terrible Говорит

      This really is excellent!

  3. Ariochz Говорит

    A person like Rob
    Could never die 🎶🎶

    1. Dante Eldante Говорит

      I just found my YouTube guitar teacher, subscribed.

    2. Enfant Terrible Говорит

      Lol- a little over the top, but I understand the sentiment!!

    3. swiftlessons Говорит

      Thank you Alastair, I truly hope that these lessons are enjoyed for years to come, so I’ll keep putting all my energy into them. Be well and enjoy your practice -Rob

  4. Maya blueeyes Говорит

    I decided to play this on my electric and wow it actually sounds so good!

    1. C J Говорит



      What did you think it was going to sound bad ? I just .. wow … thank God I don’t have kids.

  5. Smith Js Говорит

    I love how you begin the lesson with the whole song performance first. Well played too. thank you!

  6. Ashutosh Pathak Говорит

    6:36 combining George’s lead part with John’s rhythm part.

    10:10 George’s lead part

    20:03 Lick 1
    20:45 Lick 2
    21:09 Lick 3 = Lick 1
    21:19 Lick 4
    21:56 Lick 5
    22:11 Lick 6

    1. Clint Barton Говорит

      धन्यवाद सर

  7. Lou Lou Говорит

    I’ve yet to find an instructor on YouTube that has figured out a good viewing angle for viewers to accurately see the exact position of the fingers on the fretboard.

    1. C J Говорит

      And you won’t.

  8. 김덕수 Говорит

    Thank you very much~~^^
    You teach very easily and exactly!

  9. niv Говорит

    This video is so amazing, your teaching is so clearly and your singing is so good! Thank you so much for your awesome videos !

  10. Ryan Trinh Говорит

    Playing this song with my two other cousins. I’ll be playing John’s part with the chords and my acoustic, while my older cousin plays George’s part with the riffs on his classical and my other older cousin plays the same chords on her ukulele.

    1. Diego Holguin Говорит

      Raian musical fam is a dream for me

  11. Andres Garcia Говорит

    Hearing Kurt Cobains cover of this is amazing since I’m not usually a fan of Beatles cover songs since they don’t sound that great but Kurt’s is amazing it’s so raw and so much pain in his voice which makes it sound very haunting.

    1. Mirasol Balaga Говорит

      This is one of my favorite Beatles songs, so beautiful and I’ll usually listen to it repeatedly. You’re right about Cobain’s cover. It’s mesmerizing, and I’ll listen to that one repeatedly, as well. It’s a different tone, but stays true the melody.

    2. glyn matthews Говорит

      @Drew Taylor and the bell end award goes to ………DT

    3. Maddox Tash Говорит

      Drew Taylor that’s the point. he made his own version

    4. Gono Rhea Говорит

      Kurt cobain? From suicide squad?

    5. BritTrot Говорит

      @Drew Taylor Yh doesn’t really matter though nerd, it’s still a great song.

  12. David Vermeulen Говорит

    Love how you say «nöte» :p . Great lesson!

  13. Ζήτω η Ελλάδα! Говорит

    Fantastic lesson. The genius of The Beatles proven once again. As if any were needed. Thanks very much. The best lessons on YT by a trillion miles.

  14. Merlyn Torrest Говорит

    Can I have the chord pattern. I love it

  15. KGSnow2 Говорит

    Very, very nice. I always thought the last riff of the solo took them back to the original key. I learned from you tonight that the last verse and outro stay in the half step up key change! Either way, I love that minor to major finish.

  16. erickson jacob navarro Говорит

    wow amazing playing and cover

  17. Mirasol Balaga Говорит

    I don’t even play guitar, love the Beatles and this gorgeous song. I love seeing guitar parts broken down and who’s playing what.

  18. Danghong Linh Говорит

    Immediately subcribed when you start to sing, brililant voice

    1. David Ringo Говорит


  19. Opal Ivy Говорит

    Rob, your tutorials makes guitar lessons really easy, practical, and motivating. I love your teaching instructions.

  20. John Hancotte Говорит

    The final chord of D major makes it feel like the preceding Gm to F was Gm to Dm and that the Dm becomes D major — somehow to me at least.

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