The Beatles — Please Please Me

Please, Please Me
The Beatles

Last night i said these words to my girl
I know you never even try girl

Come on, come on, come on ,come on
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Please, please me oh yeah, like I please you

You don´t need me to show the way love
Why do I always have to say love

Come on (come on), come on (come on)
Come on (come on), come on (come on)
Please, please me oh yeah, like I please you

I don´t want to sound complaining
But you know there´s always rain in my heart
I do all the pleasing with you
It´s so hard to reason with you
Oh yeah, why do you make me blue?

Last night i said these words to my girl…
I know you never even try girl

Come on (come on), come on (come on)
Come on (come on), come on (come on)
Please, please me oh yeah, like I please you

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  1. Muflon Говорит

    «it didn’t do anything… and now… it’s doing something, you know» lol Paul

  2. Andrew Lewis Говорит

    “This song was released in America.. it didn’t do anything” 😂

    1. Rinnosempai Говорит

      @Most Reverend Donki It was banned cuz the song talks about or4l s3x.

    2. Jeff Говорит

      Take away is to never give up 🙂

    3. Fernando Gil Говорит

      @Most Reverend Donki WE KNOW😎👍🏽🎸🎸🎸🎸

    4. Colin Turner Говорит

      Come on come on

    5. Phiana Learning As A Star Говорит


  3. Winston McCartney Говорит

    Ringo’s energetic and headbanging makes me want to be drummer

    1. Winston McCartney Говорит

      @My name is Lemon sanaol tama HAHAHAH

    2. My name is Lemon Говорит

      @Winston McCartney me too and your’e grammar is wrong

    3. Winston McCartney Говорит

      @My name is Lemon Yes, why is that?

    4. My name is Lemon Говорит

      Are you a Filipino because you have a Filipino number?

    5. Phiana Learning As A Star Говорит

      ok, go for it!

  4. Joe Говорит

    These guys aren’t bad. They could be big stars one day.

    1. rockotimpatch Говорит


    2. Jason Foster Говорит

      Pffft. Please! These guys haven’t had a hit in decades!

    3. IAMTOBEY_YT Говорит

      i hope you read a lot of them 🙂

    4. Jason Foster Говорит

      @fretworker66 You must be a wonder at parties.

    5. wxwan Говорит


  5. Eleanor Rigby Говорит

    2020 — today and forever

    1. Getnaydnayd Говорит


    2. mason guthrie Говорит

      Eleanor Rigby lets go 2020

  6. Tim Burr Говорит

    George is a great lead guitarist.

    1. jan edvinsson Говорит

      Sounds good yeah!!

    2. mokrodog1234 Говорит

      @Tim Cantrell he was 22

    3. Slick Slack Говорит

      @KillerQueen Ye, me too

    4. KillerQueen Говорит

      @Slick Slack i do, yes. do you?

  7. Johan Cavalli Говорит

    The song is music history. It was the Beatles first hit record, in February 1963 in UK, a completely Lennon composition, which he composed 1961. Un unconventional powerful melody with an increasing tension. The descending first notes are exact the same as the beginning of the Westminster bells ringing. When Lennon was a little boy he loved to go to church and listen to the divine sevice. Afterwards he used to improvise anthem melodies. But the «..come on …» bit has an enthusiastic ascending melody. The climax is the octave run in the middle part «…it´s so hard to reason with YOU…». Wonderful. A break with the earlier pop music.

    1. Rinnosempai Говорит

      And the fact that the content of the song lyrics is about or4l s3x makes it way better. The first time it came to the US was «scandalous» that’s why «it didn’t do anything» lmao

    2. Derek Dohren Говорит

      @Archie Fatcackie first number one.

    3. Archie Fatcackie Говорит

      The song wasn’t The Beatles first UK hit,Love Me Do was.

    4. pgroove211 Говорит

      sounds like Motown..» oh yea «.

    5. Mickeyislowd Говорит

      @adeel ahmed It isn’t better than the Beatles. The Bee Gees were good and good songwriters but the truth is there has been nobody before or since anywhere near as talented as the Beatles for composition. They were better than all professional songwriters from the Brill Building who churned out hits for major artistes and just took royalties from those hits with no fame attached. A great job and you get to live a completely normal life because you are unknown. Another consideration is Taylor Swift who completely rejected major labels with contracts worth many millions because the songs they were writing for her was not the sounds she heard in her head. Instead she wrote songs as she wanted them to sound and she is dam talented. Almost nobody does this anymore but just take the contract and be the performer. For this reason I very much admire Taylor Swift.

  8. Tim Burr Говорит

    Damm Ringo is awesome too here.

    1. Justin Stearns Говорит

      Tim Burr Anybody who says he is a mediocre drummer need only watch live videos of them from the early days like this. What he played wasn’t terribly complex, but was unique due to his being left handed and playing a right handed kit. Live he tore it up. The version of Boys on Anthology 1 is a great example of that.

    2. Ashish Panwar Говорит

      Smashing the drums like there is no tomorrow.

    3. Elsa Schneider Говорит

      Rhino Craft

      That’s every Beatles fans dream, haha 🙂

    4. Phiana Learning As A Star Говорит

      correct lad

    5. Patrick Helwig Говорит

      @Justin Stearns you’re DAMN RIGHT.

  9. Maryl Grace Mondejar Говорит

    A left handed bassist and a left handed drummer playing a right handed kit. ❤

    1. I'mKydding Говорит

      @GameSZ yeah but when he started out he tried to play it right handed

    2. K.C.Alin Говорит

      Accient Weeb Paul was always Left

    3. William Reardon Videos Говорит


    4. Scott Jamieson Говорит

      Im not sure how Ringo being left handed and playing right got by me for so many yrs., but it does explain his unorthodox style of play which made him the great drummer he became. Originally a tribute song to one of their idols…Roy Orbison. (Pretty Woman)

    5. I'mKydding Говорит

      I Think Paul is Right handed but struggled to play guitar Right handed and saw a picture Slim Whitman Playing left so said that was cool I want to play like that

  10. JanieUnknownWriter Говорит

    The video may be in poor quality however the Beatles talent shines through.

  11. JulieJackson1 Говорит

    You can really hear what George is doing on guitar in this vid.

    1. Rodrigo Jaime Говорит


    2. GlamGal 710 Говорит

      I really have to credit George’s playing the riff that, on the recorded version, is played by the harmonica. I tend to wonder if John’s playing the harmonica riff might have been drowned out by the fans’ screaming. George’s playing the riff on lead guitar worked out fabulous here!

    3. David Hyskell Говорит

      @Patricia Barkley He was always my favorite even though im a lefty and a Gemini like Paul lol

    4. Patricia Barkley Говорит

      JulieJackson1 , I love that George! He sounds incredible! ❤️🌹❤️

    5. David Hyskell Говорит

      The tone he gets out of that Gretsch is eargasmic

  12. Joe Zavacky Говорит

    One of my favorite Beatles songs. It took me decades before I realized what this song is about. Clever.

  13. ITILII Говорит

    «Gentlemen, you have just recorded your first #1 song!» — George Martin, greatest record producer of all time, said to his recently signed group, The Beatles.

  14. Alex Rufa Говорит

    I’ll never love another band the same way I love The Beatles

    1. Rob K. Говорит

      Same…I wasn’t even alive when they were together 😀🤪

    2. Steampunk of Gondor Говорит

      @Jeffrey Kaufmann freddie mercury admitted he and the band couldnt reach john lennons height of greatness ALONE no other beatles just john lennon

    3. Maria Santos Говорит

      Alex Rufa Me too just Rolling Stones, Bee Gees, Elvis, Bon Jovi and Bob Dylan
      Piracicaba são Paulo by A.S. this tablet.
      I’m here in Brazil ok

    4. GotLotsaFaith Говорит

      @Jeffrey Kaufmann Well, I’d say if that’s the case then they were the FIRST. And they were so much «MORE»… Remember this was the 60’s. Rock had barely been invented. There was no boy band concept as yet. The Beatles were not ‘manufactured’ as very very very few things that are ‘manufactured’ last for half a century, etc. Must I say more, or Is that enough?

    5. Robin Reality Говорит

      Yep, part of my childhood, deep, ingrained forever

  15. William Peck Говорит

    0:09-0:30 McCartney classic funny intro.

  16. Aaron Crawford Говорит

    I love this version WAAAAY better than the Studio version. Just seemed more energy.

    1. TJ Говорит


    2. Super Fanb Говорит

      Aaran crawford the one with harmonica is better

    3. Caped Baldy Говорит

      Aaron Crawford cant hear anything lolpl

    4. Jim Oberstadt Говорит

      It certainly is a LOT faster!

    5. Petr Slivinski Говорит

      Upbeat and energy. Makes want to get up and dance.

  17. Andrew Show Говорит


  18. Mike Jones Говорит

    The guy in the foreground at about 1:43 is NOT impressed.

    1. KonZertYT Говорит

      I think he can’t clearly hear the beatles singing

    2. Hannah Semrow Говорит

      Mike M he was probably a bit mad about all the screaming girls when he wanted to hear the music.

    3. M L Говорит

      He obviously didn’t know he was witnessing history. I hope he came to his senses.

    4. ThouDirtyOne Говорит

      cause the beatles get his girl wetter than he does

    5. Jack Говорит

      Not pleased…

  19. Tim Burr Говорит

    John Lennon’s voice created Rock. (Not rock and roll) IMHO.

    1. David Bowie Говорит

      Nah.. They took inspiration from Little Richard and he screams too

    2. Petr Slivinski Говорит

      RIP John Lennon.

  20. Larry Brust Говорит

    When Ringo does that rolling transition in the middle, he definitely earns his keep.

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