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  1. Apples and Oranges Говорит

    This might be the original version without the orchestra as Paul intended it.

    1. kim asher Говорит


    2. Doug S Говорит

      @Invisible Sun — which of all of these I am hearing about is the un-Spectorized version you refer to; AND doesn’t this one fit that description — or it indeed Spectorized ? If so, a lot less than the LP version.

    3. Doug S Говорит

      @psychedelicpiper although others above mentioned this song, it was your comment that took me to the Naked Version. While I’ve had both discs on my computer for years I don’t think I hardly gave it a listen — maybe The Across the Universe a few times, So that’s my way of saying thanks b/c that version wowed me — IMHO it is clearly the coolest version, no doubt about it, even if I wasn’t baked at the moment, I’d say that. The organ work thoughout and the solo are SO COOL ! I would rank that organ work as cool as anything I’ve heard on a Beatles album — This is the only version I could listen to again, right now, though perhaps I should give the one above that we’re commenting on another go. Thank you !

    4. Doug S Говорит

      @Christian Luna Thanks — but then what is this version — since the OP didn’t liist a description ?

    5. wiltshire 58 Говорит

      @Invisible Sun v

  2. Blue Diamond Говорит

    This is by FAR, my favorite All time Beatles Song.

    1. NothingMaster Говорит

      I couldn’t agree more. Followed by Come together over me.

    2. Stephen Payne Говорит

      @frankty67 ditto

    3. Stephen Payne Говорит

      Their best ever song.

    4. Instant Karma Говорит

      I love this version bc it’s not perfect. He was obviously talking to someone at the end.

    5. Stephen Payne Говорит


  3. Anne Hajdu Говорит

    I vividly remember hearing this song for the first time when I was 13 years old, in June 1969. I had a tiny yellow 4″ transistor radio held to my ear, on an AM station. It blew me away then, as it still does 47 years later. I thought at age 13, «how could anybody write such a beautiful song?». I still ask that same question. This man, this Beatle, this true musical genius shines best in this song. I love this version — I love any version of this song!!

    1. Carl Baumeister Говорит

      @Andrea Rocha Sorry to hear that. Things will get better.

    2. Anton Mk1 Говорит

      One of the very best tunes ever.

    3. Anne Hajdu Говорит

      It was June 1970, my error. I was still 13 then.

    4. Sam Pisano Говорит

      I hate to correct you, but it was released in 1970.

    5. Bryan Corey drums Говорит

      This song wasn’t released until 1970, Not 1969

  4. Kris Quigley Говорит

    This song would bring a tear to a glass eye…

    1. maskedavenger777 Говорит

      @Colin Baker Bleph! I spit orange juice on my flat screen.

    2. Kris Quigley Говорит

      @tornoutlaw You’re pardoned Mr. Tornoutlaw.

    3. tornoutlaw Говорит

      @Kris Quigley Oh, please pardon my error, Ma’am.

    4. Kris Quigley Говорит

      @tornoutlaw I do what I can to make the world a better place. Hee hee.
      Good lady, by the way. 🙂

    5. Instant Karma Говорит


  5. Emily Johnson Говорит

    Why don’t more people talk about his song ❤️

    1. jjs777fzr Говорит

      Go watch the 2019 movie Yesterday. Its such a cool movie. Give it a chance…the actor playing Jack is really really good. Its just an interesting take if there were no Beatles the world would be infinitely worse.

    2. Remembering Truth Говорит

      Bob Berch u gay

    3. Paul Melvin Detmer Говорит

      Well Ms Emily,… no one gets it so far,… «anyway you have always known the many ways I’ve tried» was the original words,… it is here the real meaning of the whole song comes to light,… it is God’s son seeking his Father who has dropped him off, as it seems, the Jewish people, looking for their destiny promised according to Jeremiah 23:2-8, Isaiah 2:1-4 among many texts I could mention. Paul did not write the song, God did in expression of His Son waiting the final answer,… until then that son, Israel, awaits the answer and the open door for finality. Paul, has no idea what he wrote or why, just like the writer of the Wizard of Oz, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and the many Prophets of the Bible, they only spoke as the Spirit of God in them gave utterance. But one with insight and understanding can see the message, the same message vividly,… the old guy here at 70 years of age, single and celibate,… finding no one who can enter these, what seems to most bizarre views,… Paul Pmdetmer@gmail.com.

    4. Ronald de Mesa Говорит


    5. ROLLCOLLIN Говорит

      I do! Still !

  6. paulyabe Говорит

    Incredible bassist, pianist, and his voice….incredible

  7. Jo101214 Говорит

    «Many Times I’ve been alone and
    Many times I’ve cried
    Anyway, you’ll never know
    The many ways I’ve tried»

    1. AmjadHussain Danish. Говорит

      This is my favourite lyrics in the all of the music ever produced on this planet

    2. Just Some Dork Говорит

      If those lyrics don’t get to you, nothing will

    3. Marcos Escudero Говорит

      Amo esta canción y saber que es una toma alternativa la hace aún mas interesante

    4. Sharonda Madison Говорит

      Jo101214 But still they lead me back to the long and winding road, Deep Lyrics…❤

    5. gizmo no Говорит

      Hey buddy

  8. andyrob35 Говорит

    This is how The Long and Winding Road shoud have been released — all stripped back. Paul never liked the actual released version which was ‘over produced’ by Phil Spector

    1. emm dee Говорит

      I love the «over produced» version and all other versions of this piece of perfection. In awe <3

    2. Lennon & McCartney Fanatic Говорит

      I just got a Piano transcription done last week of The Long And Winding Road the Let It Be Movie version but not this Rare version.

    3. bollocknaked1975 Говорит

      It must of been his hair.

    4. Felipones081095 Говорит

      This version is beautiful, but the over produced version is still better for me although is a bit exaggerated.

    5. Steve Joshua Говорит

      Exactly ! I remember this controversy well.

  9. Raymond Faron Говорит

    I’m just a Labrador Retriever, I listen to the Beatles, I sing along with them too.
    Now I know the meaning of song…….thank you, John, Paul, George and Ringo,

    1. Bill Shank Говорит

      That’s a good boy…

    2. Zoe Nissi Celda Говорит

      Da fuk

    3. EmileGilbert Говорит

      Made me put the song on ‘paws’.

    4. Marjorie Dickinson Говорит

      Raymond Faron
      John would love your humor

    5. celsotiozim Говорит

      Encontraste teu lar.

  10. David Lam Говорит

    The reason why this is the definitive version is because of the beautiful skill that Paul brings in singing and playing the piano at the sametime as emoting the song. No one can match it. I heard he only had a months worth of piano lessons…what a genius.

  11. Instant Karma Говорит

    This song always make me want to cry.

  12. T C Говорит

    the most beautiful song ever composed …

    1. jivan bansi Говорит

      Tweety, He said «love song» not song.

    2. Mark Daniele Говорит

      It is a killer song.

    3. Tweety Bird Говорит

      Then how come Sinatra said «Something» by George is the best love song ever written?

    4. Gilles Duhamel Говорит

      Sinatra reportedly said that «Something» was his favorite Lennon-McCartney song 😀

    5. Darryl Schultz Говорит

      Tweety Bird Sinatra actually thought «The Long And Winding Road» was the best song,but when he went to tell others,he suddenly realised the name of it had momentarily slipped his mind-so,while struggling to think of it,he mumbled to himself,»Um ah-jeez,what’s it called again,ah-something…??»,and by the time he got to the word «something» he was starting to get really pissed.You guessed it,it was the one word that came out loud-and the rest is hist’ry.

  13. Jean Marie Harvell Говорит

    The Beatles are timless

    1. britshop1 Говорит

      Thank you. I did mt Thesis on the Beatles

    2. 永森弘 Говорит


  14. Lazaro Lyons Говорит

    This song always make me want to cry.
    This is by FAR, my favorite All time Beatles Song.

  15. George Martin Говорит

    Their last hit. I remember it still.

    1. Aditya Mishra Говорит

      What about Across the Universe.

    2. Scott Campbell Говорит

      Brian Ferris it was ironically their last hit world wide and a paul masterpiece!

    3. Brian Ferris Говорит

      George Martin Their last U.S. hit.

    4. Muffie1174 Говорит

      Went out on top. Paul wrote this correct?

    5. George Martin Говорит

      @B. Frost​ Yeah, I remember that. From the Revolver album. God catch. 👍👍👍

  16. Hovafide Говорит

    This is by FAR, my favorite All time Beatles Song.
    Still beautiful and bittersweet. I love the Beatles!

  17. patricia shearouse Говорит

    the Beatles changed everything!

  18. Cesar Quintana Говорит

    I have no words…

  19. T C Говорит

    absolutely one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded

  20. Meetra Surrik Говорит

    I’m not even born yet and I love this music

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